Q: What is bulk carbon dioxide?

A: Liquefied CO2 delivered directly into onsite storage containers

Bulk carbon dioxide is liquefied CO2, a safer, low-pressure alternative to dangerous high-pressure compressed gas cylinders. Beverage Grade Bulk CO2 is delivered and stored on-site in your beverage carbonation bulk CO2 vessel. The stainless steel bulk CO2 storage tank is automatically refilled on a regular route based schedule, based on your business’s CO2 pattern.

The Bulk CO2 we deliver is converted into gaseous CO2 inside of our storage tank and sent downstream to various beverage gas systems including beer and soda systems. CO2 gas is a main ingredient in any brewer’s recipe and a major flavor contributor in all sodas. CO2 adds an effervescent and slightly bitter taste to beverages and is responsible for the bubbles we all love!

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