Eliminating Production Delays with the Right Gas Supply Solution

Dixie Saw Works

DSW, or Dixie Saw Works, began as a converting knife company in Birmingham, Alabama in 1943. Now, DSW is the most technologically advanced cutting service in the southeast. DSW combines the newest cutting technologies and ‘good old fashion’ service to provide a variety of cutting services, including laser cutting, plasma cutting, waterjet cutting, oxy-acetylene cutting, welding and more.

The Customer Challenge

DSW Production Manager, Peyton Palmer, contacted Clay Hudson at Atlas Welding Supply to solve two production challenges they were experiencing. First, an increase in laser cutting and machinery was causing gas overdraw, which was delaying DSW’s production. And secondly, DSW needed assistance with welder certifications and robotic welding parameters with part layout to meet their production goals.

The Solution

To solve the gas overdraw and delayed production challenges, Atlas offered an increased nitrogen supply with a bigger vessel and a trifecta delivery system. This gas supply solution resulted in increased laser demand and eliminated delays for full production.

Atlas also worked with CWI (Certified Welding Inspector) to certify DSW’s welders and processes. Specifically, Clay helped troubleshoot parts for layouts and robotic weld parameters as well as hand welders. We also provided DSW with bulk argon and bulk drums of wire to further support their demands and production goals to minimize wasted time.

“In the short-term, the solutions Clay and Atlas have provided yielded quicker turnaround times, which has empowered us to service our customers faster,” Palmer noted. “The solutions resulted in immediate cost savings, which will turn into tremendous savings in the long run. Also, these solutions give us the potential to continue to grow without running into delays. All thanks to Clay and the rest of the Atlas team for making us a top priority!”

Thank you, DSW, for being a trusted partner!

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Founded in 1944, Atlas Welding Supply provides you with the equipment and supplies to do your job better. With decades of experience in gas and welding applications, we are confident we can be your trusted partner for everything from supplying the appropriate gas, troubleshooting equipment, or providing customized solutions for your project for maximum efficiency. Contact us to request a solution.

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