Customer Success Story: Surgical Institute of Alabama

Located in the Vestavia Medical Plaza, Surgical Institute of Alabama is designed to deliver differentiated care in a high-tech, high touch and customer-service focused environment.

The center was established to not only save patients time and money but also treat them the way you expect healthcare to be delivered. The delivery system in one location also allows for providers to work together to provide seamless delivery of your healthcare.

Atlas Welding Supply is proud to supply the Surgical Institute with the medical gases it needs to serve its patients. We supply the center with medical oxygen, nitrous oxide, and medical air.

When the center contacted Atlas, we first helped their team determine how many cylinders to keep on hand to maintain a constant supply and avoid shortages and emergency deliveries. We set the Surgical Institute up on a weekly route schedule to ensure their gas needs are always taken care of. We also worked with the center’s team to determine how the gas room should be staged to ensure the cylinders were chained up properly to create a safe environment with easy access for delivery drivers and their employees.

“Let me give you some small background information. As a scrub nurse, I had never dealt with medical gases,” said Michelle Richardson, a Certified Surgical Technologist at the Surgical Institute of Alabama. “Patrick guided me through the process and gave me great delivery men like Mr. Willie and Scott Walker. They are a great and supportive company. I would not want to work with any other company!”  

Do you need a medical gas solution supported by seamless customer service? Contact Atlas Welding Supply to request a solution.

Atlas Medical Gases

We take care of your needs so taking care of your patients is your top priority. Atlas has been a quality supplier of Medical Gases, mixtures and equipment for more than 60 years. All of our gases supplied for medical purposes are manufactured to the highest quality standards using the FDA’s Compressed Medical Gases Guidelines and in strict adherence to USP and NF specifications.

Dentists, Veterinarians, Dermatologists, and Outpatient Surgical Centers believe in us to provide medical gases, such as nitrogen to preserve vital blood and tissue, helium for MRIs, and oxygen and respiratory therapy gases to help patients breathe.

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