Keeping the Drinks Flowing at Moe’s Original BBQ

Beverage Gases for Moe's Original BBQ

Ben Gilbert, Mike Fernandez, and Jeff Kennedy met at The University of Alabama and instantly became friends with a similar interest: barbecue. In 1988, the three guys met up with Tuscaloosa native, Moses Day, to learn how to fire roast meats. Moses’ T-Town home quickly became a hotspot once he began to barbecue. The guys took Moses’ specific style of barbecue into consideration to establish what is now known as Moe’s Original BBQ with over 60 locations nationwide.

The Challenge

Supplying pure, food-grade and beverage-grade carbon dioxide on a regular basis is crucial in the restaurant industry. Moe’s Original BBQ contacted Atlas Welding Supply after facing an issue with a previous supplier not ordering the proper CO2 and nitrogen gas required for the grand opening of another location.

The Solution

Atlas stepped in to provide Moe’s Original BBQ with the CO2 and nitrogen gas that was needed to serve beverages. If Atlas had not come through in a timely manner, Moe’s Original BBQ would not have been able to serve beer for over two weeks after its grand opening.

Our experience with Atlas has been great,” said Cody Sellers with Moe’s Original BBQ.“We have ended contracts with our previous provider and converted four locations to using only Atlas products. The customer service has been the best part! Everything eventually breaks, however, the response from Atlas is second to none. We have always been back up and running within a few hours after one phone call. We cannot recommend this company enough!”

Thank you, Moe’s Original BBQ, for being a loyal customer!

Request a Solution from Atlas Welding Supply

Atlas provides leisure and hospitality gas and equipment services, such as propane cylinders, patio heaters, commercial and industrial-grade hydro misting fans, helium, beer gas mix, CO2 cylinders and refills, and dry ice.

Founded in 1944, Atlas Welding Supply provides you with the equipment and supplies to do your job better. With decades of experience in gas and welding applications, we are confident we can be your trusted partner for everything from supplying the appropriate gas, troubleshooting equipment, or providing customized solutions for your project for maximum efficiency. Contact us to request a solution.

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