Maximizing Efficiency and Eliminating Safety Concerns

Did you know that the right gas supply solution can maximize efficiency and eliminate safety concerns? Located in Alabaster, Alabama, E-BOX is one of the largest independently-owned and operated manufacturers of electrical enclosures products in the southeast. E-BOX contacted Atlas to enhance the efficiency of its facility, which supplies a wide range of enclosures to electrical distributors across the country.

The Challenge

To supply nitrogen to its laser machines, E-BOX was changing 12 pack cylinders out 2 to 3 times a day. This was not only time consuming, but moving the cylinders with a forklift was also a safety concern.

The Solution

Atlas recommended installing a bulk tank of E-BOX’s nitrogen mix to eliminate the hassle of moving the cylinders throughout the day. This gas supply solution minimized the facility’s downtime and maximized their production efficiency.

“With the solution that Atlas provided for us, we have measurably less downtime from running out of gas,” said Anthony Madrid with E-Box. “We never have to worry if we will run out of gas anymore because they keep a close eye on our tank and simply refill it when we get low. The purity of the gas that comes from the bulk tank helps to cut maintenance cost in our laser cutting application.”

When you work with Atlas, you can count on us to be a partner that provides customized solutions for maximizing your business’s efficiency.

“My experience with Atlas has been fantastic,” Madrid said. “Top-notch customer service. They really want to help you succeed.”

With decades of experience in gas and welding applications, we are confident we can be your trusted partner. Request a solution from us today!

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