How to Order Medical Gas

How to Order Medical Gas

Need to place a medical gas order? At Atlas, our goal is to provide solutions with seamless customer service so that your patients can be your top priority. This means we don’t want you to go a day, or even an hour, without an adequate supply of medical gas!

Ordering Medical Gas

To ensure our customers receive the best service possible without disruptions to everyday business, we developed a simple medical gas ordering process:

  • After delivery: An Atlas representative will place hang tags on cylinders to ensure proper use: “Full” or “Empty.”
  • Confirm order on invoice:
    • The product(s) being delivered.
    • The number and size of cylinders
  • Check cylinders/regulators daily to ensure the correct cylinder is in use. Turn off gas cylinders nightly.
  • Replenish: An Atlas representative will return on an agreed upon date or day of the week to swap out empty cylinders for full ones.
  • Order medical gas for delivery: To place a medical gas order, you can email or scan the QR code on the cylinder hang tag to complete an online form.

Wondering when you should request your next gas delivery? We answer this frequently asked question here. Plus, don’t forget to review tips for safely handling gas cylinders here.

Atlas Medical Gases

For more than 60 years, Atlas has been a trusted supplier of gases, mixtures and equipment for medical customers. Dentists, Veterinarians, Dermatologists, and Outpatient Surgical Centers believe in us to provide medical gases, such as nitrogen to preserve vital blood and tissue, helium for MRIs, oxygen and respiratory therapy gases to help patients breathe, and more. All of our medical gases are manufactured to the highest quality standards using the FDA’s Compressed Medical Gases Guidelines and in strict adherence to USP and NF specifications.

Do you need a medical gas solution supported by seamless customer service? Contact Atlas Welding Supply to request a solution.

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