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How to Order Medical Gas

Medical gases are crucial for healthcare facilities and services, as they offer life-sustaining support in surgeries and respiratory therapy.

At Meritus Gas Partners, we aim to provide solutions with seamless customer service so your patients remain your top priority. This means we don’t want you to go a day or even an hour without an adequate supply of medical gas!

When you’re placing a medical gas order, consider the following points to help streamline the process and ensure your facility always has a proper supply.

Basics of Medical Gases

Before placing an order, it’s vital to understand the basics of medical gases and safety and compliance in gas supply. This knowledge will help ensure gas supply safety and compliance within healthcare settings. There are various types of gases used in healthcare, each for different purposes.

For example, oxygen is crucial for respiratory therapy and life support, while nitrogen powers surgical tools. A consistent gas supply for laboratories and research centers is also crucial. For instance, helium is a carrier gas, and argon helps with research processes and instrumentation. These are just the tip of the iceberg, as the pharmaceuticals and biotechnology industry also relies on medical gases. Those looking to order medical gases must know which type best meets their needs.

Adhering to regulatory standards set by organizations like the Federal Drug Administration ensures the safe handling and storage of medical gases. These standards include everything from cylinder storage to shipping. Becoming familiar with these laws is essential for anyone responsible for buying medical gas. As such, partnering with certified suppliers who adhere to these critical standards is necessary.

Preparing to Order

Preparing to order medical gas requires careful consideration of the available suppliers and delivery options. Factors such as reliability, certification, pricing and service support are crucial when selecting a supplier. Furthermore, you must understand the different delivery options, such as cylinders, liquid containers or pipeline delivery. Each method is suitable based on the facility’s needs and usage patterns.

Consider Meritus Gas Partners as your reliable supplier. Meritus Gas Partners offers a network of distributors with access to industry-leading partners that can fulfill your medical gas needs.

The Process of Ordering Medical Gas

Ordering medical gas from Meritus Gas Partners is designed to be a straightforward process. Here’s how to order medical gas through us:

  1. Identify your needs: Assess your current medical gas inventory to determine the types and quantities needed.
  2. Find a local Meritus Partner: Next, locate a distributor near you.
  3. Contact your selected supplier: Reach out via the supplier’s preferred contact method ‚ÄĒ email, phone or online form. 
  4. Specify your order details: Clearly state the product(s), quantity and size of the required cylinders.
  5. Confirm delivery schedule: Agree upon a delivery date or regular cycle that suits your operation’s needs.
  6. Delivery and usage: Upon delivery, your supplier’s representative will place “Full” or “Empty” hang tags on the cylinders for easy use and inventory management.

Check cylinders and regulators daily, ensuring the correct cylinder is in use and turning off gas cylinders nightly. Your supplier will return on the agreed date to swap out empty cylinders for full ones, maintaining a seamless medical gas supply and delivery flow.

Safety and Storage

When receiving medical gas deliveries, there are best practices and storage guidelines to follow. Once you’ve received a medical gas delivery, consider the following:

  • Ensure only trained personnel handle gas cylinders.
  • Verify that the type and quantity of gas delivered match your order.
  • Inspect cylinders for damage or leaks upon arrival.

Always follow basic medical gas storage guidelines to maintain a safe environment:

  • Store gases in well-ventilated areas ‚ÄĒ away from direct sunlight and heat sources.
  • Use appropriate signage to identify medical gas storage areas.
  • Secure cylinders in upright positions to prevent tipping. Chains or stands designed for this purpose are used.
  • Organize gases by type and compatibility ‚ÄĒ oxygen and flammable gases should be stored separately with adequate spacing.

Inventory Management

Conduct regular inventory checks to ensure an adequate supply is always available. This may reduce the likelihood of shortages during critical times. Meticulous record-keeping is crucial for safety and regulatory compliance, as it provides a precise account of gas use and distribution.

This method helps improve operating efficiency while ensuring that healthcare facilities, laboratories and research centers can consistently satisfy their gas supply requirements and follow industry standards.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have other questions about ordering medical gases? Here are a few answers to frequently asked questions.

How Do You Know Which Grade of Medical Gas to Order?

Consult with your supplier to determine the appropriate grade based on your specific application and regulatory requirements.

What Sizes of Medical Gas Cylinders Are Available?

Medical gas cylinders come in various sizes, ranging from small portable cylinders to large bulk containers, catering to different usage needs.

How Do You Ensure the Safety of Medical Gas Storage?

Follow strict storage guidelines, including proper ventilation, secure anchoring and segregation of gases according to compatibility. You can refer to the Compressed Gas Association for standards. 

How Do You Dispose of or Return Empty Medical Gas Cylinders?

Contact your supplier for guidance on proper disposal or return procedures, ensuring compliance with environmental regulations.

Choose Meritus Gas Partners for Your Medical Gas Needs

Trust Meritus Gas Partners for unparalleled quality, safety and customer satisfaction. Our commitment to excellence ensures a reliable gas supply for various industries ‚ÄĒ including healthcare. With a network of trusted partners and a dedication to meeting regulatory standards, we prioritize the needs of our customers above all else.

Find a distributor near you or contact us today and let us support your mission of delivering exceptional care.

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