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Nitrogen Zero Grade

Nitrogen Zero Grade

Nitrogen is the¬†most abundant element¬†in the Earth’s atmosphere. Nitrogen gas is colorless, odorless and tasteless and is a primary component in various compounds like nitric acid, ammonia, cyanides and organic nitrates. Nitrogen gas is also non-flammable and slightly lighter than air.¬†

These properties and other characteristics make nitrogen a preferred material in numerous industrial applications. It’s available for sale in various purity levels, including zero-grade nitrogen. This substance is a classification of high-purity nitrogen containing less than 0.5 parts per million of hydrocarbon impurities and low oxygen, water, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide concentrations.¬†

If your business needs a steady supply of ultra-zero-grade nitrogen, a Meritus Gas Partners distributor can meet your needs. You’ll also receive excellent service to ensure the best results when using the product.¬†

Zero-Grade Nitrogen Cost and Availability

Zero-grade nitrogen gas is readily available for sale in cylinders of various sizes. While nitrogen is not the least expensive gas on the market, it is relatively affordable and costs less than many alternatives, such as carbon dioxide gas. 

Uses and Applications for Zero-Grade Nitrogen

This grade of high-purity nitrogen has several critical industrial applications:

Preventing contamination is crucial in the pharmaceutical industry. Zero-grade nitrogen gas is often used to blanket storage tanks and other receptacles that hold products and ingredients. It also enables the product packaging to maintain ingredient freshness. 

Zero-grade nitrogen is a crucial component in many electronics manufacturing applications. It is invaluable in semiconductor manufacturing processes because of its inert nature ‚ÄĒ it will not react with other substances. Nitrogen compounds like ammonia and nitrous oxide play a prominent role in the deposition process and during purging to remove contaminants from surfaces.

Nitrogen provides several advantages when performing laser cutting for metalworking projects. This gas can displace oxygen from the cutting zone, which prevents the metal from discoloring or oxidizing. It also purges the laser beam, ensuring a more uniform cutting process.

Zero-Grade Nitrogen Safety

While zero-grade nitrogen gas is nontoxic, it does pose certain safety hazards. Because the substance can displace oxygen, it can cause asphyxiation when inhaling large quantities. Therefore, it’s critical to store and use nitrogen cylinders in a well-ventilated area away from other gases.¬†

Always store nitrogen gas containers in an upright position to reduce the risk of leaks. Secure the cylinders in an appropriate cart away from direct sunlight. The temperature in the designated area should never exceed 125 degrees Fahrenheit. 

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Why Choose a Meritus Gas Partners Supplier for Zero-Grade Nitrogen?

Meritus Gas Partners maintains a nationwide network of independently operated distributors who can deliver the friendly, localized sales and service your business demands and deserves. We’ll connect you with a supplier that ensures you receive expert product selection assistance and choose the best gas for your needs and budget. Gas equipment is also available for sale to help you optimize your processes.¬†

Discover all the advantages of working with a Meritus Gas Partners distributor for your zero-grade nitrogen needs. Contact us to find a local partner.

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