Nitrogen Laser Grade

Nitrogen Laser Grade

Laser cutting is an advanced technology that uses a focused laser beam to vaporize metal or other materials to generate the cut edge. This technique can optimize processes in various industries, including automotive, electronics, woodworking and medical.

Many laser-cutting applications utilize inert gases to facilitate the process because they do not react with other materials and potentially alter the outcome. Nitrogen is the primary choice for cutting metals like stainless steel, aluminum and various aluminum alloys. 

Selecting the most appropriate nitrogen gas product is essential for successful laser cutting. An independent Meritus Gas Partners supplier is the best choice for high-quality laser-grade nitrogen that can handle the challenge. You’ll also receive exceptional service from a reputable partner. 

Laser-Grade Nitrogen Cost and Availability

The laser-grade product features a purity level of 99.998%. This grade of nitrogen is relatively inexpensive compared to other gases. Manufacturers produce it as a compressed gas that comes in cylinders of various sizes, and purchasing larger containers can often result in a lower unit price. 

Laser-Grade Nitrogen Uses and Applications

Laser-grade nitrogen has several key uses in an industrial environment:

Oxidation can be an issue when applying heat in the presence of oxygen, resulting in discoloration or a lack of coating adhesion. Nitrogen’s inert nature can prevent oxidation along the cut edge and allow the laser to operate in an oxygen-free environment. Nitrogen gas pressure can also push molten material away from the cut.

Many laser machines require directing the laser beam from one section to another via a series of tubes. It’s imperative to keep these pathways clear of dirt and debris to prevent beam distortion. Dry, clean nitrogen gas is ideal for purging contaminants along the beam’s guideways. 

These gases are instrumental in the laser welding process by performing a shielding function. They provide protection from oxygen and other potentially damaging elements in the atmosphere and prevent changes to essential chemical properties. They also control plasma formation and the melt flow’s direction.

Laser-Grade Nitrogen Safety

Nitrogen gas is nontoxic — it comprises approximately 78% of the air we breathe. It is also nonflammable and does not pose an explosion risk. However, nitrogen can be harmful to humans in some circumstances. Since nitrogen displaces oxygen, inhaling its pure form can lead to asphyxiation. Always use and store the gas cylinders in a well-ventilated area away from other gases and materials. 

Choose a Meritus Gas Partners Laser Grade Nitrogen Supplier

Meritus Gas Partners is proud to support independently operated distributors in assisting with your laser-grade nitrogen needs. You’ll collaborate with product experts who can make informed recommendations, allowing you to make an educated purchasing decision. You also benefit from working with a local supplier that understands your business and wants you to succeed.

Learn more about the benefits of using laser-grade nitrogen gas in your daily operations. Contact Meritus Gas Partners for additional information and to locate a supplier near you today.

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