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Helium Zero Grade

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Helium Zero Grade

Helium is a tasteless, odorless, colorless and non-toxic element that is also the second-lightest gas on Earth. Helium gas is available in several grades that indicate its purity. Zero-grade helium is extremely pure (99.997%) and contains no hydrocarbons, making it suitable for calibrating various measurement devices and instrument operation processes. 

The Meritus Gas Partners supplier in your area offers high-quality zero-grade helium for sale to companies throughout the United States and North America. You’ll work with a local supplier that understands your business and can meet all your service requirements. 

Zero-Grade Helium Cost and Availability

As helium is the second-most abundant element, one might think that zero-grade helium shortages are rarely an issue. However, the COVID-19 pandemic, supply chain problems and other issues have impacted helium’s availability and caused substantial price increases.

Zero-Grade Helium Gas Uses and Applications

This grade of helium gas has multiple industrial applications:

Instruments such as thermal conductivity detectors, electron capture detectors, flame photometric detectors and flame ionization detectors require maximum accuracy and precision. The low amount of impurities in zero-grade helium provides samples with the low contamination levels necessary for these applications.

This process involves separating compounds in a sample for analysis. Helium acts as a carrier gas that transports the vaporized solute molecules. It can dramatically decrease the time required for separation to occur, leading to faster and more efficient outcomes. Because helium is inert, it will not react with the materials. 

Because helium is a non-flammable and inert gas, it is an excellent choice for purging applications. Introducing helium into a closed system prevents the formation of atmospheric conditions susceptible to ignition. 

Deep sea and scuba divers typically breathe nitrox containing a blend of nitrogen and oxygen. However, inhaling this combination of gases can have a narcotic effect on some divers that resembles intoxication. A mixture of helium and oxygen or helium, nitrogen and oxygen can minimize the impact and enable divers to think clearly while underwater.

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Zero-Grade Helium Safety

Inhalation is the most prominent risk when working with helium. This gas can cause asphyxiation by displacing oxygen. Use and store helium cylinders in a well-ventilated area away from other gases, chemicals or hazardous materials.

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A Meritus Gas Partners Supplier Can Meet Your Zero-Grade Helium Needs

The Meritus Gas Partners independently operated distributor network is your one-stop headquarters for zero-grade helium gas. You’ll always get a high-quality product at a competitive price when you choose one of our suppliers. You’ll also receive exceptional service from a family-run business that will do everything to optimize your customer experience.

Learn more about your zero-grade helium gas options by contacting Meritus Gas Partners today. We’ll also help you locate a distributor near you. 

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