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Argon Zero Grade

Argon Zero Grade

Argon is an inert gas that does not undergo a chemical reaction or transformation when interacting with other chemicals or materials. Argon is also the third-most abundant atmospheric gas, next to nitrogen and oxygen. 

Argon gas is available for industrial use in multiple purity levels. Zero-grade argon features a minimum purity level of 99.999% and less than or equal to 10 parts per million of contaminants. 

A Meritus Gas Partners independently operated distributor is the best source for zero-grade argon that will add value to your business. You’ll also receive readily available gas and exceptional service to maximize your customer experience.¬†

Zero-Grade Argon Cost and Availability

Argon gas is widely available for sale. The gas is sold in cylinders that enable fast, easy dispensing and convenient storage. As with most gases, zero-grade argon prices fluctuate based on multiple internal and external factors and the quantity.

Uses and Applications

  • Chromatography:¬†Argon is a carrier gas in chromatography applications when detecting and separating chemical compounds in a sample mixture. Argon passes through a detection chamber and enters a strong magnetic field fed between two electrodes.¬†
  • Inductively coupled plasma (ICO) spectroscopy:¬†This technique helps to determine the number of elements within a sample. Argon serves as a high-temperature, high-stability molecule excitation source while creating an inert atmosphere that minimizes interference in the combustion flames.
  • Leak detection:¬†Argon can also serve as a tracer or detector gas when attempting to find leaks. The process involves introducing argon into the area of a suspected leak and using a mass spectrometer to measure the area. Specific methods include vacuum, pressure and vacuum-pressure processes. Welders, material production workers and gas leak detection specialists can benefit from this procedure.
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Safety Information

Argon is an asphyxiant, meaning that it can cause suffocation by displacing oxygen in breathing air. Always use and store argon gas cylinders in well-ventilated areas away from other materials. Storage areas should not exceed 125 degrees Fahrenheit. Use a properly fitting pressure-reducing regulator when attaching argon cylinders to lower-pressure piping or systems.

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Meritus Gas Partners is a nationwide network of independently operated argon gas distributors who can supply the best product for your needs and budget. You’ll receive exceptional service from a local, family-run company that cares about your business.¬†Contact our team for more information¬†and to locate a nearby zero-grade argon supplier today.

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