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Aviator’s Breathing Oxygen

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Aviator’s Breathing Oxygen

As pilots fly their aircraft at higher altitudes, the risk of hypoxia increases. This condition occurs due to low levels of oxygen in the bloodstream and can lead to restlessness, confusion, difficulty breathing and a rapid heart rate.

A ready supply of aviator’s breathing oxygen is essential for pilots who fly above 10,000 feet or 6,000 feet during nighttime flying. According to the Federal Aviation Administration’s recommendations, it should consist of at least 99.5% pure oxygen and have a moisture content of less than .01%.

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Aviator’s Breathing Oxygen Cost and Availability

Aviator-grade oxygen is sold in cylinders of various capacities. Multiple scents are available, such as eucalyptus, menthol and peppermint. You can also purchase the appropriate oxygen equipment for your aircraft type, such as Gulfstream, Cessna, Piper or Beechcraft. The cost of the oxygen cylinders will vary based on factors like the supplier and quantity.

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Aviator’s Breathing Oxygen Uses and Applications

The primary purpose of aviator’s breathing oxygen is to ensure all aircraft pilots, passengers and crew members have easy access to a supply of supplemental oxygen when flying at higher elevations. The product is different from medical-grade oxygen used to promote patients’ health and well-being. While both substances contain 99.5% pure oxygen, the medical version has no moisture content restrictions. Moreover, medical oxygen requires a doctor’s prescription.

Safety Information

Implementing multiple safety cautions is essential when working with aviation oxygen and system equipment:

  • Fire prevention: Keep breathing oxygen away from sparks and flammable materials that could ignite and cause a fire.
  • Contamination: Purge hoses before coupling them to the aircraft to prevent potentially harmful contaminants from entering the oxygen supply.
  • Container filling: Refill oxygen containers carefully to avoid overheating that could cause a fire.
  • Lubricant avoidance: Keep all oil and grease products away from the oxygen and system equipment.
  • Tooling: Use brass tools when working on the oxygen equipment to minimize the likelihood of sparks.
  • Valves: Keep all oxygen system and cylinder valves closed whenever flames, electrical arcs or other potential ignition sources are in the vicinity.
  • Clothing: Wear appropriate personal protective equipment and clothing, including gloves, face shields, boots and coveralls when working with breathing oxygen.

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Why Choose a Meritus Gas Partners Aviator’s Breathing Oxygen Supplier?

When you select our network of distributors, you’ll partner with a local company that understands your business. You’ll get a high-quality product that meets your needs and receive full support throughout the purchasing process and beyond. You can even get valuable product selection guidance to help you make an informed buying decision for your company.

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