Hexane Gas for Sale


Hexane is a colorless liquid made from crude oil. It is highly combustible, and its vapors can be explosive. It belongs to a class of hydrocarbons called alkanes. Due to its clear, colorless appearance and distinctively low boiling point, hexane is a preferred choice for applications requiring a non-polar solvent. Hexane can dissolve substances that other solvents cannot, making it indispensable in sectors ranging from food production to pharmaceuticals. 

At Meritus Gas Partners, we connect you with a network of reliable hexane distributors for personalized services and support. Reach out to a supplier in your area to get pricing for hexane gas or check availability.

Hexane Gas Cost and Availability

Several factors influence the cost of hexane gas, such as:

  • Purity levels: The higher the purity, the higher the cost. Specific applications may require different purity levels, affecting price.
  • Quantity needed: Bulk purchases often come at a reduced cost per unit due to economies of scale.
  • Market demand: Fluctuating demand can impact prices. Staying informed helps in anticipating these changes.
  • Logistical factors: The distance from the supplier and the complexity of delivery influences the final cost.
  • Production rates: Availability is subject to production rates and supply chain efficiency.

Our extensive network of vendors and efficient supply chain management enables us to offer affordable prices and availability in most cases. This minimizes downtime and enhances the operational efficiency of our customers. 

Our Partners

Meritus Gas Partners is proud to represent our network of top-tier partners specializing in supplying hexane gas among other industrial gases and various products. Each distributor brings a wealth of knowledge, commitment to exceptional service and a deep understanding of local market needs to offer the most relevant and practical solutions. We select our vendors meticulously for their expertise and ability to uphold our quality standards, making it easier for you to find a reliable hexane supplier that feels like a local extension of your team.

Hexane Gas Uses and Applications 

Here are some of the primary industries and applications where hexane is essential:

  • Food and pharmaceutical industries: Hexane’s efficiency in extracting edible oils from plant materials such as sunflower seeds and soybeans makes it a key player in cooking oil production. It is also applied in extracting oils crucial for manufacturing vitamins, supplements and other pharmaceutical ingredients.
  • Laboratory research and development: This gas is used in chromatography, extractions and other analytical laboratory techniques due to its unique non-polar solvent property. 
  • Industrial cleaning: Due to its strong solvent properties, hexane is widely used for removing oils, greases and other contaminants from industrial plants and machinery.
  • Manufacturing adhesive: Hexane is used to manufacture strong adhesives like those utilized in the leather industry.
  • Cosmetics: Hexane is used to produce cosmetic products such as nail polish removers.
  • Paints and coatings: Hexane is a common ingredient in solvent-based paint systems due to its ability to influence paint’s viscosity and ease of application.
  • Hexane as a fuel: Though less common, hexane can serve as a specialized fuel in internal combustion engines.

Hexane Gas Safety 

When handled irresponsibly, Hexane is a flammable substance that poses various hazards and health risks. These include:

  • Inhalation hazard: Inhaling large amounts of hexane may cause dizziness, nausea, throat irritation and unconsciousness in severe cases.
  • Nervous system effects: Long-term exposure to hexane (particularly n-hexane) can damage the nervous system, causing a condition known as “hexane neuropathy”.
  • Skin irritation: Prolonged exposure to the skin can cause dryness, cracking and irritation. 
  • Eye irritation: Direct eye contact with hexane may cause irritation and redness.
  • Flammability: Hexane is highly flammable, and it can explode when its vapors mix with air.
  • Environmental impact: Hexane requires proper disposal to avoid contamination of aquatic systems.

To minimize the risks associated with hexane, it is essential to have adequate ventilation and wear personal protective equipment such as gloves, lab coats, goggles and closed-toe shoes. Be sure to label containers containing hexane clearly and use the smallest amount necessary for any task. Ensure all your handlers are informed about hexane’s risks and safety protocols and install emergency equipment such as eyewash stations and safety showers to mitigate emergency exposure. Lastly, environmental guidelines should be followed for proper hexane disposal. 

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