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Carbon Monoxide Gas for Sale

Carbon Monoxide

Carbon monoxide is a colorless, tasteless and odorless gas. It is known for being flammable and poisonous. Carbon monoxide occurs naturally through the photochemical degradation of plants, but it can also be produced in artificial environments.

One of the most common sources of carbon monoxide is thermal combustion. Through the years, several other processes have been developed to produce carbon monoxide, including industrial production. In industrial production, carbon monoxide comes from producer gas.

Carbon monoxide is among the most popular industrial gases due to its many applications. Metallurgy, laser and chemical industries are just a few of the industries benefitting from the use of carbon monoxide.

Specialty Gas Mixtures and Concentrations

Carbon Monoxide Gas Supply

Meritus Gas Partners offers carbon monoxide gas for sale in small- and large-scale supply. We package the gas in high-quality steel cylinders for businesses needing smaller volumes. Our cylinders come in various sizes with a volume capacity ranging from 34 to 550 liters.

We also have bulk supply options for large-scale industrial needs. For bulk supply arrangements of carbon monoxide gas, our experts install a tank on your property for a quicker, safer and more convenient resupply process.

Tailored Carbon Monoxide Gas Mixtures

Different industries require different concentrations of gases, hence the need for precise gas mixtures and calibrations. At Meritus Gas Partners, we can provide a supply of carbon monoxide gas according to your specific requirements.

Our specialty gases and concentrations are available in tanks and cylinders and varying mixtures and purities, depending on their intended use. Talk to our experts to discuss custom solutions for your business processes.

Carbon Monoxide Gas Applications Across Industries

Carbon monoxide is the most abundant of all pollutant gases by mass. Beyond its polluting properties, carbon monoxide is useful in the production of different compounds. This explains why carbon monoxide gas has a heavy presence in various industries. Some of the industrial applications of carbon monoxide gas are:

  • Chemical manufacturing:¬†Carbon monoxide serves as a raw material in chemical manufacturing. Its role in the chemical process is vital to the creation of compounds necessary in pharmaceuticals, plastics and other chemical products.
  • Metal fabrication:¬†When combined with other gases, carbon monoxide generates high heat, which is essential in metal fabrication.
  • Lasers:¬†Carbon monoxide works as a medium in infrared lasers.
  • Metallurgy:¬†Carbon monoxide is an efficient reductive agent, making it ideal for reducing metals and ores in pyrometallurgy.
  • Microbiology and physiology:¬†Like nitric oxide, carbon monoxide also works as a signaling molecule. It is known for its anti-inflammatory and vasodilatory properties.
  • Food and retail:¬†Many food retailers turn to carbon monoxide to keep their produce looking fresh. Carbon monoxide enhances the color of meat and is effective in preventing spoilage due to microorganisms.

Carbon Monoxide Gas Safety and Storage

Safety Standards for Handling Carbon Monoxide

Carbon monoxide is a highly flammable and poisonous gas. Being odorless also increases the risk of exposure. High concentrations of carbon monoxide in the air may lead to carbon monoxide poisoning, which could be fatal.

Proper handling and storage of carbon monoxide is necessary to prevent accidents and safety hazards. This requires technical knowledge and expertise from trained specialists. Here are some of the safety precautions we observe:

  • Gas cylinders are stored in upright positions in dry, well-ventilated areas.
  • Carbon monoxide cylinders are stored in areas away from other flammable gases.
  • Storage areas are free of salt and other corrosive materials.
  • Cylinders are moved from one place to another using¬†suitable carts.
  • Cylinder valves and caps are kept secure and not too tight.
  • Only trained personnel handle the delivery and transport of carbon monoxide.

At Meritus Gas Partners, we understand the importance of carbon monoxide and its many industrial applications. We strictly abide by safety regulations when dealing with carbon monoxide to ensure the safety of our staff and customers. Consult our experts if you need guidance in handling and storing your carbon monoxide cylinders.

Storage Solutions for Carbon Monoxide Gas

We package our carbon monoxide gases using high-pressure steel cylinders. These cylinders have concave bases that allow them to stand upright, so they are ideal for storing gases such as carbon monoxide. Two types of steel are best used for gas cylinders ‚ÄĒ carbon and aluminum. While both are efficient, aluminum comes out on top for its ability to prevent the possible formation of iron pentacarbonyl. Aluminum is also resistant to cracking due to corrosion from stress.

For large supplies of carbon monoxide, tube trailers and ISO modules are ideal. They typically come in bundles of eight tubes, measuring about 40 feet long and 12 inches in diameter. This configuration is best for businesses with a need for larger quantities, but it may require ground storage.

Why Choose Meritus Gas Partners for Your Carbon Monoxide Needs?

Meritus Gas Partners is your trusted partner for industrial and specialty gases. With our independent gas manufacturers and distributors, we maintain a steady supply of carbon monoxide and other industrial-grade gases.

We have retail hubs across the United States, making our products and services more accessible to our customers. Our expertise in distributing high-quality gases gives us an edge over our competitors. Backed by our extensive range of gas mixtures and concentrations, you will surely find gases for your specific requirements.

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Carbon Monoxide Gas for Sale at Meritus Gas Partners

Contact Meritus Gas Partners for custom gas solutions that meet your unique requirements. Whether for a small or large-scale of carbon monoxide gas, our tailored approach ensures you are getting solutions most suitable for your operations.

We are a leading national network of independent gas distributors. This allows us to offer high-grade industrial gases at competitive prices. Moreover, this enables us to maintain a steady supply of our products, ready for you when you need them.

Our delivery drivers and technicians are trained in the proper handling, transport and storage of gases, so you don’t have to worry about anything else during the resupply.¬†Contact us today to discuss your carbon monoxide needs.