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Ammonia Gas

Ammonia Gas for Sale

Ammonia is a colorless gas known for its pungent odor. It is produced naturally through the anaerobic decay of plants and animal matter and is estimated to be about 40% lighter than air. Pure ammonia has a boiling point of negative 28 degrees Fahrenheit. Since ammonia is a gas at atmospheric temperature and pressure, it must remain under pressure to maintain its liquid state. About 80% of industrial ammonia gas is used mainly as fertilizer in agriculture.

Our Ammonia Gas Products

Meritus Gas Partners offers ammonia gas in various purities and concentrations. Talk to our experts about your ammonia gas requirements.

Ammonia Cylinders and Tanks

We have ammonia packaged in gas tanks and cylinders, which are ideal for customers who need a smaller gas supply. We use high-quality steel cylinders to maintain the state of the gas during transport and delivery. Our ammonia gas cylinders are available in a variety of sizes, so customers have the flexibility to choose which volume and cylinder capacity are most suitable for their needs.

At Meritus Gas Partners, we ensure compliance with safety regulations at all times. Trained staff members package the gases and move them for delivery with utmost care.

Bulk Ammonia Gas for Sale

Ammonia gas is typically available in cylinders, but Meritus Gas Partners can also provide bulk ammonia gas. We have high-purity ammonia for various industrial applications available upon request.

For bulk supply, we will have a tank installed within the property and have a team of trained staff on-site for regular resupply or as needed. Bulk ammonia gas supply comes in a liquefied state for proper handling and storage.

Custom Ammonia Gas Mixtures

Need an ammonia gas mixture for specific industry requirements? Our custom ammonia gas mixtures are available in different sizes, calibrations and compositions. Consult with our experts for specific ammonia gas blends, pricing and availability.

Liquid Ammonia

Liquid ammonia, also known as aqueous ammonia, is ammonia gas dissolved in water. Ammonia in its liquid state works as a solvent that, in some cases, is more efficient than water. It can dissolve alkali metals, alkaline-earth metals and inner transition metals. When it does, liquid ammonia generates a blue solution. Liquid ammonia is also effective in controlling pH levels and acid correction. Liquid ammonia is available at Meritus Gas Partners.

Ammonia Gas Applications

Ammonia gas and production benefits a wide variety of industries. Whether in its gas or liquid state, ammonia has a lot of uses, making it an ideal investment.

Industries That Rely on Ammonia Gas

Some of the industries that rely heavily on ammonia gas include:

  • Agriculture:¬†Ammonia is rich in nitrogen and several other elements, making it ideal for soil and liquid fertilizer production. It also works as a food preservative and natural antifungal agent for certain fruits.
  • Manufacturing:¬†In manufacturing, ammonia can be used to develop compounds, such as nitric acid, phenol, urea, amino acids, ammonium carbonate and hydrogen cyanide.
  • Metal fabrication:¬†Dissociated ammonia is used in metal fabrication processes involving heat treatment such as annealing, brazing and sintering.
  • Food and beverage:¬†Ammonia is a potent source of hydrogen used in the hydrogenation of oils and fats.
  • Retail:¬†Ammonia is commonly found in household cleaning products. It’s effective for cleaning and removing stains, as well as an antimicrobial agent and antiseptic.
  • Electronics:¬†High-purity ammonia is used in the semiconductor industry.
  • Petroleum:¬†The refining process of crude oil uses ammonia as a neutralizing agent.
  • Mining:¬†Ammonia is helpful in the extraction of metals.
  • Energy and power:¬†Ammonia converts nitrogen oxides into nitrogen and water when used in power plant reactors. When mixed with chlorine, the resulting chloramine solution is effective in water treatment and purification.
  • Rubber and plastics:¬†Ammonia efficiently stabilizes raw latex, helping prevent coagulation during transport and storage.

Cost and Availability of Ammonia Gas

The cost and availability of ammonia gas varies depending on a number of factors.

Competitive Pricing Strategies

Considering its many uses in various industries, it comes as no surprise that the demand for ammonia gas continues to increase every year. Although it’s naturally present in the air we breathe, the collection and production of ammonia is a complex process. This explains why the prices of ammonia gas and its by-products also keep increasing.

Production costs, compounded by the high demand, contribute to the rising prices of industrial-grade ammonia gas. At Meritus Gas Partners, we understand the importance of ammonia, so we work hard to keep our rates competitive without compromising quality. Aside from our competitive pricing, we also offer flexible supply options to give our customers more leeway in their gas needs.

Ensuring Continuous Availability

Meritus Gas Partners has a wide network of independent gas manufacturers and distributors across the United States. We partner with reliable brands to maintain the quality of the products we offer, while also ensuring a steady supply of industrial and specialty gases.

Our growing network of independent distributors allows us to maintain an inventory of gases in various purities and compositions ‚ÄĒ but more importantly, it allows us to offer our gases at competitive prices.

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Partner With Meritus Gas Partners for Your Ammonia Gas Needs

Wherever you’re located in the United States, Meritus Gas Partners is your go-to source for ammonia gas. With our¬†independent gas distributors, our packaged ammonia gas products remain accessible and affordable.

Meritus Gas Partners puts a premium on quality, reliability and service. We make sure your needs are fulfilled by keeping a steady supply of gases in our retailer hubs. We want our customers to rely on us whenever they need a resupply of gases for their business operations, whether small- or large-scale.

We also see to it that excellent customer service does not come secondary in our operations. You can talk to our experts for a personalized consultation. We can provide recommendations on the best products for your business and devise an efficient strategy for supply and delivery. With our tailored solutions, you can be assured that your needs are addressed. Contact us today to discuss your ammonia gas requirements.