Carbon Dioxide Safety

CO2 Safety FAQs

What types of leak detection tools are available?

CO2 alarms are a great tool to warn of high CO2 accumulations in a confined space. The typical CO2 alarm installation includes a CO2 sensing probe (installed in the confined space) and a control unit which displays the current CO2 level (installed just outside of the confined space being monitored). An audible alarm and visual indicator will warn of high CO2 levels from a safe place before entry into the confined space.

Other leak detection tools are available including over-run alarms on Green Air Supply Nitrogen Separators and in-line flow meters for beverage gas monitoring. As always, the active monitoring in CO2 level alarms are far superior to the passive leak detection of balls floating inside of flow meters. If you have this type of leak detection currently (tiny floating ball inside of a plastic tube) be aware that this type of leak detection is ineffective during a busy service times. We recommend active monitoring of CO2 levels over passive leak detection to our customers. We can advise you on the cost and supply of every leak detection option available.

What do I do if I think there is a beverage gas leak inside of my business location?

First, be aware of any possible confined spaces that may be accumulating high concentrations of CO2 or nitrogen. CO2 and nitrogen displace oxygen and do not support life. Keg coolers, closets, basements and enclosed rooms should be aired out thoroughly before entry. If you suspect there is any chance of an accumulation of any type of compressed gas do not enter that area ever! If you can, shut off the gas supply that feeds the leak without placing a person at risk of entering a confined space. If you can not safely shut off the gas supply to the leak and you think there is a safety concern, contact your local fire department for assistance. You should also call our support staff for further assistance and instructions: 888-994-BULK .

I may have a serious safety situation involving a carbon dioxide (CO2) leak. Who should I call first?

If you think you have a serious safety situation call 911 and request your local fire department’s assistance. You may then call our 24/ hour service number 1-800-535-5053 to inform us of the situation.

I may want to obtain a CO2 alarm for safety concerns. Where can I get one at?

We will gladly assist you in purchasing a CO2 alarm. Whether you’re planning on installing the alarm yourself or you would like our certified beverage technicians to perform the work, Perfect CO2 Systems is your partner in providing your employees with a safer work environment.

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