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A Nitrogen Tube Trailer Solution for Rast Construction

Nitrogen Tube Trailer

Founded by Holt Rast in 1976, Rast Construction specializes in heavy and municipal work, including water, sewer, gas pipelines, plant facilities, boring, tunnels, sub-aqueous, grading, steam, chilled water lines and other specialties.

Rast Construction relies on Atlas Welding Supply to provide nitrogen tube trailers for various jobs that require pipe pressure testing. Pipe pressure testing is carried out after the installation of any pipeline before it is put into use.

The purpose of the pressure testing is to investigate the various limits of the pipeline–testing areas such as the reliability, maximum capacity, leaks, joint fittings and pressure. Without this information the pipe can not be put into service and the owner/operators have no confirmation that the pipe meets certain specifications. There are two commonly used methods for pressure testing piping: a hydro-static test or Hydrotest and a pneumatic test.

Hydrotest vs Pneumatic Pressure Testing

A hydrotest, also known as a hydro-static test, is performed by using water as the test medium. A pneumatic test, on the other hand, uses air, nitrogen, or any non-flammable and non-toxic gas as the test medium.

A Nitrogen Tube Trailer Solution for Rast Construction

For Rast Construction, a nitrogen pneumatic pressure test was the most cost-effective and time-saving solution. While water is less an expensive test medium than nitrogen, nitrogen gets the job done significantly quicker, which is a huge benefit to Rast Construction. And because Rast Construction needed a large volume of nitrogen, a nitrogen tube trailer was ideal. A tube trailer delivers the required supply of nitrogen straight to Rast Construction job sites.

“We hook the nitrogen tube trailer up right on our job site,” said John W., part owner of Rast Construction. “And it only takes a few hours, where water would take a week or so to drain and dry out. Huge time savings!” 

At Atlas, our mission is to provide customers with the best equipment and supplies to do their jobs better. We are proud of the solution we provided Rast Construction and the partnership we have formed.

“I can’t compliment Atlas enough,” John said. “They bend over backwards to make sure we have the trailer where we need it and when we need it. They handle all the logistics, so we don’t have to worry about whether or not we have an adequate supply of nitrogen.” 

Thank you, Rast Construction, for trusting us with your gas supply needs!

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