A CO2 Solution for Regions Field

Atlas Birmingham Barons CO2 Install

Let’s play ball! As opening day for the Birmingham Barons approaches, Regions Field turned to Atlas Welding Supply for a reliable beverage gas solution.

“ATLAS was super helpful and fast about opening up an account for the Birmingham Barons at Regions Field,” said Gus Stoudemire, Director of Food and Beverage. “Trusting ATLAS as our CO2 supplier will save us money here at Regions Field and ensure quality service! It has been wonderful working with the ATLAS team and hope to do so for many more years.”

We’re excited to support Regions Field and the Birmingham Barons this season with a CO2 beverage gas solution that elevates their fountain drinks and draft beer systems.

How CO2 Elevates Fountain Drinks and Draft Beer Systems

In the world of beverages, there’s an invisible force at work, quietly enhancing every sip and pour. Did you know that carbon dioxide (CO2), is the unsung hero behind the magic of fountain drinks and draft beer systems?

  • Providing fizz and froth: At the heart of every sparkling soda and frothy beer lies the essence of carbonation. CO2 is the key ingredient responsible for infusing beverages with those delightful bubbles. In fountain drinks, CO2 is injected into the liquid, creating the effervescence that brings the drink to life. Similarly, in draft beer systems, CO2 is used to carbonate the beer, producing that characteristic frothy head and creamy texture that beer enthusiasts adore.
  • Preserving freshness and flavor: One of the most significant benefits of CO2 in fountain drinks and draft beer systems is its role in preserving freshness and flavor. CO2 acts as a natural preservative, protecting beverages from oxidation and maintaining their integrity over time. In draft beer systems, CO2 is used to pressurize kegs, preventing the beer from going stale and ensuring that every pour is as fresh as the first. Similarly, in fountain drinks, CO2 helps preserve the quality of the syrup, ensuring that each drink is bursting with flavor.
  • Optimizing dispensing and presentation: CO2 is used to regulate the flow of beer from the keg to the tap, ensuring a smooth and controlled pour. In fountain drinks, CO2 is injected into the liquid as it’s dispensed, producing that signature fizz and froth that enhances the overall drinking experience.
  • Offering customization and control: CO2 also offers beverage professionals a level of customization and control that is unparalleled. By adjusting the CO2 levels, they can fine-tune the taste, texture, and carbonation of their beverages to suit their customers’ preferences. Whether it’s a crisp, highly carbonated soda or a smooth, creamy stout, CO2 provides the flexibility to tailor drinks to individual tastes, ensuring a truly personalized experience for every patron.
  • Ensuring environmental sustainability: Beyond its culinary applications, CO2 also plays a role in environmental sustainability within the beverage industry. Unlike other propellants and preservatives, CO2 is a natural byproduct of fermentation and is readily available in abundance. By leveraging CO2 in fountain drinks and draft beer systems, beverage establishments can minimize their environmental footprint while delivering exceptional drinks to their customers.

All in all, as you raise a glass to toast another refreshing sip or perfectly poured pint this season at Regions Field, take a moment to acknowledge the invisible force behind the scenes: carbon dioxide. From carbonation magic to freshness preservation and optimal dispensing, CO2 plays a multifaceted role in elevating the quality, consistency, and overall experience of fountain drinks and draft beer systems. So here’s to CO2 – the unsung hero of the beverage world, quietly working its magic to make every drink a memorable delight. Cheers!

Providing High-Quality Hospitality Gas Solutions Since 1944

At Atlas Welding Supply, we ensure our customers a safe supply of gas with the responsive support of an experienced staff. Having experience in these applications and environments is the key to success and alleviating any potential game day issues, such as run outs and equipment issues. We know what we’re doing and truly care about the outcome. Overall, our goal is to take the burden off the customer by giving them confidence in their supply.

Beyond stadiums and event spaces, our hospitality gases are used in restaurants, bars, music halls, theaters and more. Our gasses are also used widely for outdoor patio spaces with gas-powered patio heaters and/or barbecue grills, food trucks using dry ice and propane, and any space with balloons requiring helium.

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