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At Mitchell Welding Supply in Longview, TX, we offer plenty of materials and services to help your welding projects run smoothly. From specialty, medical and industrial gases like propane and nitrogen to cutting-edge technologies and capabilities, we can ensure you have the tools to succeed. Learn more about the services and unique offerings at our Longview location. 

Products and Services We Offer 

Stop by Mitchell Welding Supply in Longview, TX, and benefit from unique capabilities and services like:  

  • Onsite equipment services:¬†In addition to servicing equipment, our certified technicians can also repair your equipment. Stop by and ask us any questions about a product or service, and we can handle the rest.¬†
  • Industry-specific materials:¬†Our product offerings span various industries, from dental and medical to manufacturing. A diverse inventory means getting the specialized products your business needs to stay successful.¬†You can also appreciate innovative technologies like¬†plasma cutters, laser technology and robotics technology.
  • Cylinder filling:¬†While many suppliers might skip cylinder fills, we make it our priority to mix our gases for optimal performance while quickly and safely filling cylinders. You'll have the right amount for your next project.¬†¬†
  • Industrial, medical and specialty gases: We offer various types of industrial, medical and specialty-grade gases, depending on your industry. From food and beverage gases like carbon dioxide and dry ice to specialty gases like helium and argon,¬†we have you covered. Choose from microbulk, bulk, dewars and cylinder options.¬†

In addition to these offerings, we are an authorized dealer of top brands like Dewalt, Miller, Hobart and Victor. When you work with us, you get only the highest quality equipment and top-rated services. 

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Benefits of Working With Mitchell Welding Supply

Appreciate these unique benefits when you work with Mitchell Welding Supply:

  • High product availability:¬†We strive to have the products you need when you need them. That way, you can prevent downtime and the associated costs while improving your productivity and bottom line. With industry-specific materials and technologies, we can help you keep operations running.
  • Superior customer service:¬†When you visit our Longview, TX, location, you'll meet with a dedicated team of welders and other technicians offering a multitude of services, whether that's repairs, deliveries or cylinder filling. Stop by and let our team help you find the product or solution that works best for your project.¬†¬†
  • Specialized equipment:¬†Finding specialty welding equipment can be challenging. At Mitchell Welding Supply, we continue to set the standard for welding material suppliers, offering cutting-edge technologies and other capabilities to help you meet your unique requirements.¬†

Welding Equipment and Industrial Gas Supply Near You 

At Mitchell Welding Supply, we are a one-stop shop for all your welding needs. Get top-quality welding supplies in the Longview area and appreciate plenty of convenient services ‚ÄĒ including cylinder filling, daily delivery routes and equipment repairs. Let us help you find the solutions for your next welding project.

To get started, call our Longview location at 903-759-9497, fill out a contact form or email for welding supplies and industrial gas in Longview, TX.