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You can trust Ozarc Gas to provide high-quality welding equipment and supplies, commercial and residential packaged gases, bulk gases and dewars. Ozarc Gas is a family-owned company that started serving various industries in 1945, and we have since expanded to meet the needs of more businesses and serve more locations.

Industrial Gas in the Union, Missouri, Area

Whether you operate an industrial facility, veterinarian office or party supply store, you can depend on Ozarc Gas to address your cylinder gas needs. Our two high-pressure cylinder fill plants and trailers with high-pressure capabilities enable us to deliver compressed gases safely and efficiently. 

Cylinder gases

If you are searching for an industrial gas supply near you, Ozarc Gas offers the following packaged gases in Union, Missouri:

  • Carbon dioxide (CO2): Ozarc Gas delivers industrial, food and beverage-grade CO2 cylinders.
  • Acetylene: If you need gas for a cutting application, we offer industrial-grade acetylene gas to meet your requirements.
  • Argon: Argon is useful in various applications. You can order Zero, UHP or industrial-grade argon from Ozarc Gas.
  • Air: We offer industrial, medical, breathing, zero, dry and ultra-dry compressed air.
  • Dry ice: You can rely on us to provide dry ice for your biomedical, industrial, research, food and beverage, manufacturing or pharmaceutical needs.
  • Helium: If you need helium for your applications, we deliver balloon, UHP, zero and industrial-grade helium to companies in the Union, Missouri, area.
  • Nitrous oxide: You can order USP and racing-grade nitrous oxide from Ozarc Gas.
  • Nitrogen: Nitrogen is available in zero, NF, industrial and UHP grades.
  • Oxygen: We offer aviator's breathing oxygen (ABO), USP and industrial-grade oxygen to meet your needs.
  • Propane: Ozarc Gas delivers what you require if you're looking for propane in Union, Missouri. We offer propane in commercial and residential container sizes.
  • Propylene: If you need gas for your industrial heating or cutting applications, Ozarc Gas can deliver propylene in 1-pound disposable cylinders or 27-, 63- or 105-pound containers.
  • Pure specialty gases: Ozarc Gas offers pure, single-component nitrogen, argon and helium in high-pressure cylinders.
  • Mixed specialty gases: If you need custom, mixed specialty gases, we can produce multi-component gas blends and deliver them to you.

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Welding Gases

Ozarc Gas can help you optimize your welding operations with specific welding gas mixtures. We can combine welding gases to create the following two-part and three-part blends:

  • Argon and oxygen
  • Argon and hydrogen
  • Argon and CO2
  • Argon and helium
  • Argon, CO2 and hydrogen
  • Argon, CO2 and oxygen
  • Argon, helium and CO2


Ozarc Gas also offers liquid gases in cylinders known as dewars. We supply the following liquid gases for your applications:

  • Liquid oxygen (LOX)
  • Liquid nitrogen
  • Liquid argon (LAR)
  • Liquid CO2

Bulk and Microbulk

In addition to cylinder gases, you can trust us to deliver bulk and microbulk gases. When you place a bulk or microbulk order, we install a tank on your property and deliver gas directly to your tank via one of our high-pressure trailers. Various types of gases are available for bulk or microbulk delivery.

Welding Supply in Union, Missouri

If you perform welding in the Union, Missouri, area, Ozarc Gas offers the supplies and equipment you need. We provide the following welding hardgoods for your applications:

  • Cutting and welding equipment
  • Welding and cutting consumables
  • Welding and cutting automation
  • Electrodes and welding wire
  • Abrasives
  • Gas equipment
  • Tools
  • Safety equipment and PPE

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Trust Ozarc Gas to Meet Your Company's Gas or Welding Supply Needs

Ozarc Gas provides the Union, Missouri, area with packaged gas, bulk gases, specialty welding gases and welding equipment and supplies. With 1,000-gallon dispensers and 3,000-gallon bobtails in Union, MO, we can deliver packaged or bulk gases to your location. We also offer high-quality supplies and equipment from reputable manufacturers to provide you with excellent options at fair prices. Contact us online or call us at (636) 583-4428 to request a quote or learn more about our available gases and inventory.