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Ozarc – About Us

We pledge to you, our customer, our untiring efforts to serve you in every way possible in filling your Welding, Industrial and Safety requirements.

Ozarc Locations

Ozarc Capabilities

  • 10 Locations with local delivery available from all locations 
  • 2 High pressure cylinder fill plants (Arnold MO and Cape Girardeau MO) 
  • 4000 Gallon LOX trailer 
  • 4000 gallon LAR trailer ( high pressure capabilities) 
  • 3 CO2 delivery trucks 3 tons each 
  • Helium filling Arnold MO

  • Bulk Storage:
    • 18,000 gallon Bloomsdale,  MO
    • 30,000 gallon Calvert City, KY (will be installed in May)

  • Dispenser Locations:
    • 2,600 gallon Arnold, MO
    • 1,000 gallon Cape Girardeau, MO
    • 1,000 gallon Farmington, MO
    • 1,000 gallon Rolla, MO
    • 1,000 gallon Kennett, MO
    • 1,000 gallon Union, MO
    • 2-1,000 gallon Calvert City, KY Propylene

  • Bobtails:
    • 3,200 gallon Calvert City, KY
    • 3,200 gallon Arnold, MO
    • 3,200 gallon Cape Girardeau, MO
    • 3,000 gallon Union, MO

  • Service Equipment:
    • F550 crane truck Bloomsdale, MO
    • H&H tank trailer (2) Bloomsdale, MO and Union, MO

  • Propylene 
    • 2 -1000s  Arnold MO
    • 2 – 1000s Calvert City KY
    • 1 – 1000 Cape Girardeau 

Ozarc History

We are most grateful to you, our customer, for making this website a necessity and to our suppliers for their cooperation in providing the use of their brand names, trademarks and aid in its publishing.  We have made every effort to associate ourselves with manufacturers who have a reputation for quality products and fair prices.  However, we believe service is also very important and we shall continually strive to provide you the best of services.

Over the years, since our business was established in 1945 by our father, R.C. Garner, Sr., we have changed the scope of our operation to conform to the changing needs of the area we serve.  Going forward, from the original main location in Cape Girardeau, we added branch stores in Kennett, MO in 1958, St. Louis, MO is 1985, Rolla, MO in 1986, Farmington, MO in 1997, Paragould, AR in 1999, Paducah, KY, and Calvert City, KY in 2013.  Since the purchase of our company from our father in 1982, a second and even third generation of family pride is evolving to provide ever increasing service to our customers.  We owe our continued growth to the loyalty of our customers and the excellent support of the manufacturers we represent.

This website endeavors to show the wide scope of merchandise stocked and the manufacturers we represent; however, space does not permit total exposure of all products or engineering data.  If there are particular items your company needs that are not cataloged, please contact us.  Manufacturer’s literature is available for all products.