Premium Industrial Gases & Chemicals for Your Business Needs 

OXARC Gases & Chemicals

Explore OXARC’s extensive selection of top-grade industrial gases and chemicals that meet the intricate needs of manufacturing companies, industrial facilities and commercial enterprises. We expertly craft solutions and provide expertise and support to exceed customer expectations. Contact us today for personalized solutions for your business needs. 

Your Trusted Industrial Gas Supplier 

As the regional supplier of bulk gases, we have unrivaled leverage in maintaining product availability and quality at consistent, cost-effective prices. Our gas supply and distribution cater to a variety of applications, including:

  • Blue Print Ammonia
  • Boil Out Chemicals
  • Boiler Water Treatment
  • Chemicals for Environmental Services
  • Cleaning Compounds
  • Concrete Cleaning
  • Compounding (1&1) Chemicals
  • Cooking Water Treatment
  • Dairy Treatment
  • Electronic Chemicals
  • Electro-Plating
  • Flat Panel Display Fab Chemistry
  • Food Grade Oils
  • Food Ingredients
  • Forest Products Chemicals
  • Gas Processing
  • I.C. Fab Chemicals
  • Industrial Grade Oils
  • In Process Cleaning
  • Mask Making Chemicals
  • Metal Finishing Metal Working Compounds
  • Mining
  • Municipal Water Treatment
  • Oil Drilling
  • Oil Refining
  • Refrigeration/Ammonia Grade
  • Paints and Coatings
  • Photo Resist Support Chemicals
  • Plating Chemicals
  • Printed Circuit Board
  • Pulp and  Paper Chemicals
  • Sanitation Chemicals
  • Semiconductor Chemicals
  • Semiconductor Gases
  • Swimming Pool Chemicals
  • Wafer Clean Chemicals
  • Wafer Blank Mfg.
  • Waster Recycle Transportation
  • Waste Water Treatment
  • Water Purification Chemicals
  • Wine Chemicals and  Additives

Featuring the OXARC HIGH CAPACITY 4500 psi Compressed Gas Cylinder, with HIGH CAPACITY filling facilities for Industrial Gases & Medical Gases. Complete Cylinder Requalification and Testing – RENT – LEASE – OR PURCHASE your cylinders.

Dry ice keeps items colder for much longer than regular frozen water or “wet ice” because dry ice is extremely cold. Dry Ice changes directly from a solid back to a gas, which is called “sublimating”, in normal atmospheric conditions without going through a wet liquid stage.

“Star Blend” Gas Mixing System, gives you the perfect gas for the perfect process application.

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Chemical distribution throughout the Inland Northwest. Supplying a full line of products for a variety of applications.

Ultra High Purity Gases, Blended Gases, Calibration & Lab Gases, Accessories & Equipment, Disposable Cylinders, Specifications, Specialty Gas Production.

Our Specialty Gases

OXARC’s Chemical Supply Expertise 

With OXARC, you get more than just a quality range of gases for various applications. Our solid experience in chemical supply means you get exceptional recommendations and support for your business. 

We start by giving you an in-depth understanding of how you manage and use gas and how we can apply the OXARC expertise in customer applications. The analysis continues by looking at the scope and diversity of your needs, details of applications and similarities of operations. Our team of experts then guides you on how products can be used more efficiently. 

Broad Spectrum of Industrial Chemicals 

Our extensive selection of chemical solutions cater to every industrial need. We supply top-notch products for medical, industrial, transportation, metalworking and more. Our dedication to providing comprehensive chemical supplies ensures your business stays on track or even leads the competition by a mile. 

Commitment to Quality and Purity 

We adhere to stringent quality control measures to meet industry standards and exceed customer requirements. Our state-of-the-art facilities deliver products and solutions designed with the highest purity for optimal results. We also provide high-quality storage systems to give us the edge needed to lead the industry.

Customized Chemical Services 

Our exceptional local service allows seamless customization according to your business needs. We provide specialized chemical blends to accommodate unique requirements. If you need assistance in developing personalized chemical solutions, we offer expert consultation with our team of professionals.

OXARC’s Diverse Gas Offerings 

Our gas collection is as diverse as the industries we serve. Browse our inventory for options such as:

  • Nitrogen: From fertilizers to nylon to explosives, nitrogen is widely known for its versatile applications.
  • OxygenWe offer oxygen that is vital for combustion and oxidation processes. 
  • Argon: Argon is an indispensable element for industries that focus on welding and metal fabrication.

Specialty Gases for High-Tech Industries 

Along with our standard atmospheric gases, we offer hard-to-find specialized products like:

  • HydrogenHydrogen is one of the most pivotal gases that fuels innovation across sectors. 
  • HeliumSource high-quality helium for cryogenics and leak detection from a trusted supplier like OXARC.
  • Nitrous oxideWe deliver top-tier nitrous oxide for electronics, manufacturing, food production and industrial sectors.

OXARC’s Customer-Centric Support 

OXARC is the leading distributor of industrial, specialty and medical gases and related equipment. We have over 20 locations spread across Washington, Oregon and Idaho to meet your gas and chemical needs.

We are an industry-leading gas and chemical supplier, and we recognize that each customer’s situation is unique so our primary goal is making your business more efficient and profitable. We‘ll also assist with the installation of Bulk and MicroBulk storage and delivery systems, as well as better cost efficiencies for your business. 

Leveraging Expertise for Your Benefit 

When you partner with us, you get access to knowledgeable support and guidance. We offer exceptional advice and customer service by working with your team hand-in-hand. Together, we develop a customized supply system plan that will meet current and future production requirements. 

This is followed by a complete overview of the installation, including design specifications, equipment and piping. Implementing a timeline that can support seamless integration and eliminate downtime. OXARC then provides a report itemizing the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the new bulk gas supply system.

Prioritizing Safety and Compliance 

To comply with industry requirements and customer expectations, we uphold the highest standards of industrial safety. 

Technological Advancements for Seamless Service 

Innovation is part of our vision to continuously provide top-notch services to our customers. We utilize EDI for streamlined transactions and procurement of gas and chemicals. 

Take the Next Step With OXARC’s Industrial Solutions

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