Training & Consulting at Global Calibration Gases

Acquiring and retaining experienced, qualified personnel is a daunting task for the independent distributor. Building a solid team takes time, effort, patience, and money. A lack of technical depth has become evident in our industry as it has become rare for trained personnel to remain at the same company for more than 5 years. Attrition is no longer replaced from with-in organizations resulting in a “Generation Gap” in technical expertise. Companies are faced with the on-going task of training new employees using existing personnel having a shallow base of knowledge; a recipe for poor quality. At Global Calibration Gases, we offer a variety of seminars designed to meet your training requirements. Classes are held at our specialty gas headquarters in Sarasota, FL and are a unique blend of theory and hands-on applications at our state-of-the-art production location.

Production techniques for gas technicians and lab analysts

Please choose from the following list of topics those that interest you and fill out the brief questionnaire and we will send you the schedule and pricing details of the classes that will best fit your needs. Classes will be limited to 8 participants maximum and will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

For Owners and Executive Decision Makers:

  • Understanding my technical profile (where are we on the growth curve)
  • What to produce locally and what to purchase for resale
  • Investing in the proper technology and human resources
  • The return on my investment

For Sales, Customer Service, and Marketing Managers

  • Speaking the “Specialty Gases Language”
  • The catalog as a training tool
  • Getting answers to the common questions
  • Product applications by industry
  • Purities and tolerances
  • Establishing credibility with your customers
  • Selling high-end products to regulated industries (the EPA Protocol)

Production and Laboratory Personnel

  • Cylinder preparation
  • Vacuum technology
  • Reactive gas concerns
  • Filling techniques for UHP products
  • Purity analysis
  • Gas mixture filling techniques
  • Mixture calculations
  • Basic mixture analysis
  • Basic Gas Chromatography