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Hohenschild Welders Supply

1620 Campbell St
Kansas City, MO 64108 USA


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Kansas City Welding Supply Store

Hohenschild Welders Supply Location

Construction, manufacturing and transportation are just a few examples of thriving Kansas City industries that rely on welding equipment. Hohenschild Welders Supply is a local business that has supplied high-quality welding machines, accessories and much more in the Kansas City metropolitan area since 1922. You’ll find everything you need to get the job done and add significant value to your business.¬†

The Johnson family took ownership of Hohenschild Welders Supply in 1947, and the company hasn’t missed a beat. Perry Johnson has served as the president since 1987 and has continued the organization’s long, proud tradition of offering high-quality welding and industrial gas equipment at fair prices and providing the exceptional service Kansas City businesses like yours demand and deserve.¬†

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Part of the Meritus Gas Partners Network

Meritus Gas Partners operates a rapidly expanding network of independently managed welding and gas suppliers in many parts of the U.S. Hohenschild became a Meritus distributor in April 2023. The company’s convenient downtown Kansas City location enables Meritus to fill a crucial geographic gap between its distributorships in Tulsa and St. Louis. Our partnership also gives Hohenschild a strong presence in the vital Kansas City market.¬†

Choose From Various Welding- and Gas-Related Products

The Hohenschild location takes pride in having¬†everything for the welder. The company’s extensive product lines cover a wide range of products, such as:

  • Arc welding equipment:¬†These machines offer cost-effective welding solutions that are also portable, making them excellent choices for remote job sites. The process also does not require shielding gas, enabling you to implement arc welding in any weather conditions.
  • Gases:¬†Select multiple industrial, medical, welding and specialty gases. Some of the top gases we carry are nitrogen, oxygen, helium, hydrogen and argon.
  • Gas equipment:¬†Hohenschild offers an assortment of gas apparatus for welding and cutting applications. This broad product category encompasses everything from cylinders and storage tanks to regulators, flow meters, welding torches and hoses.¬†
  • Safety gear:¬†Reduce workplace injury risks by providing your teams with appropriate personal protective equipment. Hohenschild Welders Supply offers an array of gloves, helmets, face shields, respirators and other essential gear to keep your workers safe.

All products come from leading manufacturers with an excellent reputation for quality, performance, reliability and safety. 

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Exceptional Welding Equipment Repair Service in Kansas City

Welding and gas machinery take quite a beating. Keeping this business-critical equipment in peak condition is challenging and requires time, effort and expertise. 

Hohenschild Welding Equipment can remove the burden from your shoulders by providing expert repair services. While the company focuses on Miller Electric and Thermal Dynamics products, its technicians can also fix machines from virtually every leading manufacturer. 

Hohenschild understands that lengthy equipment downtime is detrimental to your business. The company strives to get broken machines up and running quickly. 

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Hohenschild Welders Supply is Near You

You’ll find Hohenschild Welders Supply at 1620 Campbell Street in Kansas City. Stop by for a closer look at the equipment lineup or¬†explore the online catalog today. You can also¬†contact Meritus Gas Partners¬†for more information.