Q: How do I troubleshoot my beverage carbonation system?

A: Ventilate before you investigate.

A. If you suspect a leak in your CO2 or beverage system, first open any outside doors to ventilate out any possible carbon dioxide build ups. CO2 displaces oxygen and does not support life. CO2 is heavier than air and will collect in low-lying areas such as basements and stairwells. Special care should be taken before entering enclosed spaces such as coolers, closets or basements. These spaces should be well ventilated before entering to check CO2 supply or to look for leaks. If a life threatening situation is apparent call 911 immediately.

The most common places to check for CO2 leaks are:

  • Empty Bag-in-Box causing a soda syrup pump to operate continuously
  • Loose keg fittings and couplers

If you have found or suspect a leak, please contact us to notify us of the change in usage.

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