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Industrial Gas and Welding Supplies in Placerville, CA

Advanced Gases & Equipment is Placerville's premier provider of industrial gases and welding supplies. We cater to a broad spectrum of industrial needs, offering everything from standard and specialty gases to specialized welding equipment and accessories. We are dedicated to providing solutions that enhance safety and efficiency across numerous industries.  

Explore Our Comprehensive Range of Industrial Gas and Welding Supplies

We pride ourselves on meeting customers' diverse needs with high-quality products and expert advice.

Industrial Gases

Our selection of industrial gases and solutions include:

  • Standard industrial gases: We offer staple industrial gases, including oxygen, acetylene and argon, which are crucial for welding and cutting processes.
  • Specialized gases: Explore our catalog of food-grade gases that facilitate the safety and quality of food products, cryogenic liquids for advanced industrial applications and dry-ice for temperature-controlled shipping. 
  • Cylinder maintenance: Gas cylinder maintenance is critical for safety and peak performance. We offer valuable resources and guidance to promote responsible handling and extend the life span of your gas supplies.

Welding Supplies

We equip you for any welding project with our extensive assortment of:

  • Welding equipment and supplies: From state-of-the-art TIG and MIG welding machines to high-quality electrodes and filler metals, we have everything you need to tackle even the most demanding welding projects.
  • Precision tools: Our high-quality cutting tools are designed for precision and durability. Our tools are ideal for detailed work in tough industrial environments.
  • Finishing tools: Achieve a professional touch with our wide inventory of industrial brushes and abrasives.

Our expert team can help you select the suitable gas containers and accessories to optimize your welding operations. 

Why Choose Advanced Gases & Equipment for Your Industrial Needs?

Working with Advanced Gases & Equipment comes with unmatched benefits.

Credibility and Expertise

We are proud to be a member of Meritus Gas Partners, reflecting our commitment to maintaining the highest quality and safety standards and customer service excellence. 

Our team in Placerville is equipped with the knowledge and experience necessary to support the local welding and industrial sectors with top-tier services and products.

Tailored Solutions for Every Industry

We understand that no two industries have identical needs. We provide tailored solutions ranging from specialized industrial tools and coatings to gas supplies, ensuring that every client's specific requirements are precisely met.

Our services cater to a broad array of specialists, including welding professionals, industrial manufacturers, construction companies and more, demonstrating our versatility and capacity to adapt to any project scale.

Contact Us Today for Premium Products and Services

Let us assist you in selecting the right products to maximize efficiency and safety in your projects. Visit our Placerville facilities for personalized service and expert guidance or contact us today for a quote. We aim to enhance your operations with the finest industrial gases and welding supplies.