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Industrial Gas and Welding Supplies in Fargo, ND

A-OX Welding Supply is Fargo's top choice for industrial gas, welding supplies, safety equipment and accessories. We are dedicated to boosting the efficiency and safe operation of your projects with a wide selection of products tailored to meet the demands of various industries. Partner with us for reliable solutions and exceptional quality in all your industrial and welding supply needs.

Your Premier Source for Industrial Gas and Welding Supplies

We provide a comprehensive range of products, from industrial gases to welding equipment. 

Industrial Gases and Containers

We understand the diverse needs of Fargo's manufacturing and industrial sectors. Explore our vast inventory of industrial, specialty and medical gases tailored for manufacturing and industrial needs. 

We have it all, whether you need standard gases such as oxygen, propane and acetylene, medical gases such as helium and nitrogen or beverage and food gases like carbon dioxide and liquid nitrogen. We also stock specialty gases such as neon and krypton and custom mixes for more critical applications.

Welding Equipment and Cutting Tools

Every project demands the right tools for the job. Discover high-quality welding equipment and cutting tools designed for dependable performance and precision work at A-OX Welding Supply. Our products are sourced from reputable brands and are ideal for professional welders and all industrial applications. Our inventory includes:

  • Welding consumables, including gas diffusers, wires, electrodes and nozzles.
  • Welding machines, such as TIG, MIG and stick welders.
  • Plasma cutters, saw blades and other cutting equipment.¬†
  • Welding helmets, gloves, safety glasses and other safety gear.

Gas Equipment and Accessories

Beyond the essentials, we also offer a comprehensive range of gas equipment and accessories to ensure safe operation and enhance efficiency in your industrial projects. Our products include contact tips, regulators and hoses ‚ÄĒ ideal for complementing your gas supply needs while upholding the highest safety and reliability standards.

Why Choose A-OX Welding Supply

As a proud partner of Meritus Gas Partners, A-OX Welding Supply offers unparalleled reliability and quality. We're committed to serving manufacturing companies, welding shops, construction companies and maintenance departments in Fargo, North Dakota, with excellence. Our partnership with Meritus Gas Partners affords us the capabilities of a large company with the personalized service of a local provider. Work with us to receive the best products and support for your projects. 

Get in Touch for Premium Industrial Gas and Welding Solutions

For detailed information about our industrial gas and welding supplies or a comprehensive quote, contact A-OX Welding Supply. We invite you to discuss your specific requirements and learn how we can assist you in achieving your operational goals.